Too much or poorly blended eye shadow

  • 28 Jul 2015
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Too much or poorly blended eye shadow

For pressed-powder eye shadows, wipe off the excess eye shadow or blend hard edges with a soft, full eye shadow brush that doesn't have any product on it. After that, you can improve the look by using an eye shadow brush to apply a lighter shade of eye shadow on top of the area you want to soften.

Flawless eye shadow application depends on two main factors: First is the size of your eyelid; consider the eyelid as a canvas, the size of your "canvas" is a major consideration in how eye shadow should be applied and which looks will work for you. For example, a person with small, deep-set eyes requires much less eye shadow to create definition than a person with larger eyelids and more space between the eye's crease and brow bone.

The second consideration is the tools you're using. Without question, using brushes gives you the most control and creates a cleaner, more polished look. Plus you should have a brush for each colour, don't use the same brush to apply a dark brown eye shadow and a beige eye shadow.

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