How to know that you have to throw out your old cosmetics?

  • 29 Aug 2014
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How to know that you have to throw out your old cosmetics?

Women, well most of the women and cosmetics go hand-in-hand. No matter how much you are in love with that voluminous mascara or the luscious red matte lip colour or that shimmery eye shadow kit, there's always an expiration date to each and every piece of cosmetic that you own. However, it is always good to know about it before it’s too late. So here's how to find when your favourite cosmetic is about to expire.

Did you recently had an eye infection?

Well, not necessarily that the moment you get an eye infection you throw away all the stock of your kohl at the first sign of any eye infection. But if your eye infection isn't settling down then it's better to get your eyes check and probably also get rid of your kohl stick. The shell life of a kohl pencil is usually for 12-18 months.

Something's smelling fishy:

You can blindfoldedly select your brand of lipstick with its smell. But when that very beloved lipstick starts smelling stale like feet oil, throw it away at that very moment.

Change your makeup sponge:

Makeup sponges are used regularly. So the best way to take care of them is to wash them regularly and replace them every month.

Change of colour:

When the colour of your foundation changes or it becomes too liquidy to handle, change it immediately.


So you bought this mascara which costs you a bomb but it still gives you voluminous lashes. However, you have just used it a few times in a year's time. The longevity of mascara is just a year. So ladies, if you are planning to use that year-old mascara again, think again. Maybe, its time to say good-bye and part ways with your mascara amicably.

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