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internet services

Email up to 250MB is included in your package if you are an Orange internet subscriber.

key features

enhanced mail services

You can upgrade to one of our enhanced mail services:


The internet is flooded with soliciting email messages distributed to millions of email addresses. These messages are known as "spam". Spam mail fills your inbox with a huge amount of unwanted messages, not only overloading your resources, but making mail retrieval very slow and difficult for you.

Our email server software is equipped with a virus and spam scanner. The latter is updated automatically, lowering the risk for you getting email viruses and spams.

We provide you with an online interface so that you can check the rejected emails.
There's no need to install special antivirus/anti-spamming on your PC as we protect you before unwanted or infected emails reach you. However we cannot guarantee 100% success as new spams and viruses are produced regularly.

Instant SMS alerts

You get instant SMS alerts when a new email arrives in your mailbox. You select the mobile number you want and the subject of your emails is displayed in the SMS. When you are on the move this is helpful as you do not need to get to an internet connection to check your mails.

100 MB capacity

Upgrade from your standard 100 MB to 250 MB to ensure you do not lose any of your mails when you have not been able to download your emails, or when your business contacts are sending you heavier files.

tariff plans

Any one option : Rs25/mailbox/month
Any two options: Rs40/mailbox/month
All three options: Rs50/mailbox/month

options ( all prices exclude VAT)
sms notification only Rs 25/month
anti-spam/antivirus only Rs 25/month
250 MB mailbox only Rs 25/month
sms notification + anti-spam/antivirus Rs 40/month
sms notification + 250 MB mailbox only Rs 40/month
anti-spam/antivirus + 250 MB mailbox Rs 40/month
sms notification + anti-spam/antivirus + 250 MB mailbox Rs 50/month

how do I register for the options?

Log in to your email account and register online or call our Customer Care on 8901. Once you have subscribed, you will be billed on your MT bill.

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