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Wi-Fi hotspots

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Wi-Fi is increasingly becoming a must for everyone. From café customers to business travellers, everybody is looking for increased mobility & productivity. A Wi-Fi hotspot is an excellent way to allow visitors in your premises to access the internet.

Who is it for?

Why provide Wi-Fi

What are the key benefits?

A range of Wi-Fi hotspot offerings tailored for your demand. Whether you wish to provide your customers with a free internet access or whether you wish to limit the amount of free connection or you wish to redirect traffic on your website, we have all the basic configurations to satisfy your needs.

We ensure the Wi-Fi network is available for designated users only and, thus, avoid malicious login to the network. We also set up private Wi-Fi links for your special guests/VIPs such that they are always connected without the hassle of logging in to the network each time.

Your marketing ads can be the first screen your customer sees when logging in. We may also redirect traffic to your website or social media page.

By offering a reliable Wi-Fi service to your customers, our solution enables you to focus on your core business. We provide robust and reliable access points with adaptive antenna technology for an increased Wi-Fi performance. When Wi-Fi is set up for at Event venues, we provide 24hours support during the event duration.

Wi-Fi hotspots

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