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where it all began

In 1994 the UK mobile phone market was crowded, colourless and confusing. Focused on business, not people. Orange, the fourth entrant, had a different idea - to make communication simple and accessible to everyone, by focusing not just on products, or technology, but the benefits they can bring people.

Orange offered a fresh new identity that created a rational and emotional appeal. Colour was used simply and confidently. Words spelt out the customer benefit. Language was simple, and friendly, reflecting a natural conversation between people. The brand caught people's imagination.

By 1995 we had more than doubled our customer base. By July 1997 we hit our first milestone - one million customers.

We began to expand overseas.

Globally the Orange brand stands for the same things in every country it operates in, and locally it adapts to different customer needs. This understanding of our customers is at the heart of the brand's international success.

To find out more about where we operate visit www.orange.com