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UK's William, Kate, Harry have nine staff: finances

  • 29 Jun 2012
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Prince William, his wife Catherine and his brother Prince Harry (L-R)

Prince William, his wife Catherine and his brother Prince Harry have the equivalent of nine full-time staff working for them, Prince Charles' accounts published Friday showed.

The heir to the throne's annual financial review revealed his household spends £6.7 million ($10.5 million, 8.3 million euros) on what equates to more than 160 full-time staff.

The figures published by his Clarence House official residence cover his private and public income for the year to March 31, and his expenditure.

But they also gave an insight into how many butlers and valets are employed to assist Charles and his wife Camilla, his two sons and William's wife Catherine following their wedding on April 29 last year.

The family have the equivalent of 161.1 full-time staff -- a figure calculated by adding up all their full- and part-time employees -- including nine for William, Catherine and Harry.

Charles and Camilla have the equivalent of 7.9 full-time personal staff, "including personal secretaries, chefs, valets", the review said.

"Butlers act as 'front of house' for their royal highnesses, meeting guests, organising refreshments and setting up rooms," it said.

"One butler is on duty at all times. The Prince of Wales (Charles) has valets and travelling orderlies, working in pairs one week on and one week off, to assist him with his clothing and uniforms, and with the many transport and travelling requirements.

"The Duchess of Cornwall (Camilla) has two members of staff who perform a similar function."

The staff list includes 10.8 housekeepers, 5.3 kitchen staff, 10 press officers, 19.4 gardeners and estate workers and 24.2 in finance and administration.

While Britain's 12-month inflation rate stood at 2.8 percent in May, Charles' taxpayer funding jumped by 11.8 percent for the year to £2.19 million, of which £1.81 million was grants-in-aid and £383,000 came from government ministries.

Grants-in-aid are for the family's London office and official residence, official travel by air and rail and communications support.

The ministerial money is for staff seconded from the armed forces and overseas tours requested by the Foreign Office.

His private income from the Duchy of Cornwall -- a large portfolio of land and property which goes to the eldest son of a monarch -- went up 2.8 percent to £18.29 million.

Most of this goes towards the family's public and charitable work.

He voluntarily paid income tax on the remaining surplus at the top rate -- 50 percent -- giving £4.5 million to the Treasury.

His total official expenditure was up 5.4 percent to £12.03 million.

With no established constitutional role, Charles seeks to do "all he can to make a difference for the better in the UK and internationally", the review said.

It said:

-- Charles undertook 670 official engagements, including 74 overseas.

-- The prince helped raise £131 million for charity.

-- The family received 76,825 letters from the public, mostly from within Britain. Charles wrote back personally with 1,745 letters.

-- Charles and Camilla entertained 9,478 guests at royal residences.

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