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'King of Naples' crooner nabbed for drug trafficking

  • 4 Jul 2012
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A limousine is seized by police investigating the Comorra mafia last year

A prominent Neapolitan crooner known as "The King" who accused mafia traitors of "bringing down the empire" in his songs was arrested for drug trafficking on Wednesday, the police told AFP.

"I've never seen this many cameras, even at my concerts!" Tony Marciano quipped as he was dragged away by police from his home near Naples.

The slick 46-year-old was one of 22 people arrested in a crackdown against the Gionta clan of the powerful Naples mafia, the Camorra.

"Tony Marciano is suspected of financing drug trafficking over the past three years," a spokesman for the Carabinieri police said.

He is suspected of trafficking in marijuana and powerful hallucinogenics.

Born Ciro Marciano, the singer began his career in the 1980s.

In 1986, he sold 150,000 copies of his album "Io Sono Meridionale" ("I Am From the South"), the Corriere del Mezzogiorno daily reported.

He also sang the duet "Me and You" with famous Neapolitan actress Maria Nazionale, who played a mafia boss's wife in the award-winning film "Gomorra".

In one of Marciano's latest numbers "Nun Ciamm Arrennere" ("We Won't Give Up" in Neapolitan dialect), he attacked mafia turncoats.

"They've lost the code of silence," he crooned and even admitted in the song that he had been on the run from police for more than a year.

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