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MCB Focus: Preliminary forecasts for 2013 stands at 3.5%

21 Sep 2012
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MCB Focus: Preliminary forecasts for 2013 stands at 3.5% The latest MCB Focus states that in current indications, there appears to be no end in sight for the relative weakness of the country’s growth trajectory for next year.

Despite improving compared to the outcome of 2012 – to a notable extent linked to the statistical impact of a tempered output base triggered by years of sub-par growth outcomes – the expansion of the domestic economy is likely to remain below-par on the back of the slow-moving global economic recovery process.

Thus, as per preliminary estimates and whilst being subject to notable uncertainties, our baseline economic growth prediction for Mauritius stands at 3.5% for 2013, with the soft economic context likely to contribute to a deterioration of the unemployment rate to 8.3% on assuming a sub-par increase in the labour force in view of recent trends.

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