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EA games


  • Classic Game: Rs 25
  • Premium Game: Rs 50

Note: As you start download content from your mobile, you will be charged 1 ct for each KB transferred

(all prices are VAT exclusive)

how to download a game

where the game is stored after downloading

  • once you have purchased your game, it is stored on your cell phone and you can play it as many times as you want whenever you want.
  • you can easily find your game in your cell phone in your "applications" or "games" menu.
  • games format : there are games for most of the Orange cell phones on Orange World : java, windows mobile... just go to Orange World to discover which games are available for your mobile phone.

Can I make a phone call while playing EA games?

If your phone supports the feature, you will be able to suspend your game, make a call, and then resume your game from the point where you left off. Otherwise, you will have to quit your game before making a call. Many games will automatically save your progress when you quit.

Can I receive an incoming call while playing EA games?

Yes. The application will pause and allow you to take the call. You can resume the game after you have ended your call.

How many games can I store on my phone at one time?

The exact number will depend on the storage capacity of your phone, the size of the games, and how many other applications you have downloaded.

How to configure your phone to access Orange World?

Visit your nearest Orange shop or call 8900 for more details