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The new Orange Prepay SIM is the latest generation of SIM card.

Besides being a 4G ready card, the new Orange SIM includes a Orange menu which allows you to:

- easily access and buy mobile services without having to remember complicated shortcodes
- top-up and check your balance

and a function called Rush SMS which lets you send pre-configured SMS when you cannot answer your calls.

other benefits

Discover below different types of Orange Prepay SIMs suited to different needs


how much does it cost?

Rs 100 (VAT inc.)

what's included?

Rs 86 worth of credit + 20MB data

where can I buy this SIM?

At any Orange shop or retailer

micro-SIM (for smartphones and tablets)

how much does it cost?

Rs 100 (VAT inc.)

what's included?

Rs 86 worth of credit + 20MB data

where can I buy this SIM?

At any Orange shop

Premium SIM

how much does it cost?

Rs 1,500 (VAT inc.)

what's included?

Rs 86.96 + one week data + 180 mins + 300 SMS i.e 15 mins + 25 SMS per month for 12 months

what is a Premium SIM?

The Premium SIM includes a prepay number that stays yours forever even if you are not in Mauritius and/or not using it for a certain period of time. Only one recharge is required every 10 years to keep your mobile number for life.

A Premium SIM includes a memorable number.

who is this for?

where can I buy this SIM?

Only at Orange shops


Internet Everywhere SIM (for Internet Everywhere key or other 3G/4G keys)

how much does it cost?

Not for sale, but included with the purchase of an Internet Everywhere key

what's included?

Rs 500 credit (VAT inc.) + 10 on-net SMS

where can I get this SIM?

At any Orange Shop, when you buy an Internet Everywhere key

how much does it cost?

This is not for sale but is given free to Mauritius Commercial Bank 18-25 cardholders

wha's included?

Rs 30 credit (VAT inc.) + 60 mins on-net calls + 60 on-net SMS + 20MB data

where can I buy this SIM?

Not for sale, but is given free to Mauritius Commercial Bank 18-25 cardholders. MCB 18-25 card holders should bring along their National ID and their MCB 18-25 card.


calls to Orange mobiles (Prepay and Post Pay)Rs 1.20
calls to Orange mobile Magic NumbersRs 1.00
calls to MT / MTML fixed lines **Rs 3.48
calls to other mobile operatorsRs 3.60
SMS ***Rs 0.60 per SMS

inter islands calls (Rodrigues)tariffs/minute*
Orange Prepay (Mauritius to Rodrigues and Rodrigues to Mauritius)Rs 1.20
Orange Prepay to MT / MTML fixed lines** Rs 3.48
Orange Prepay to other mobile operatorRs 3.60

For calling abroad on your mobile , you can use either prefix 020 or Sezam.

* billing is done on a per second basis

** except for audiotex numbers e.g. 301xxxx, 302xxxx, etc

*** a levy of 10 cents per SMS is applied

what do I do after I use up my free credit?

It is easy and convenient to get more credit on your Prepay Starter Pack. Simply visit an Orange shop or retailer and purchase a scratch card to or use our electronic recharge solutions to top-up your mobile.Check out also Emergency Credit where you can get credit advance when your mobile credit is running low.

don't know how to top-up?

Check our FAQs for more info on how to top-up

Emergency Credit

Running out of credit on your Prepay mobile and you need to make an important call? With Emergency credit, as soon as your credit is less than Rs5, you can get Rs10 of credit by dialling *111#

more info on new Orange Prepay SIM?

Check this FAQs for more info

Download Prepay application form

Check the Orange Prepay Terms and Conditions