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Just 4 Magic Show

Exclusive deal

Buy your e-tickets with Orange Money and get Rs 50 discount !


Existing Orange Money subscribers

You can now buy your concert ticket by sending an SMS to 8088 as shown above. Please make sure that you already have your Orange Money PIN or else call 8900.


  • Your e-ticket with your reserved seat number will be sent to you by OTAYO on your email that you have provided to MT.
  • If you have not provided MT your email address, OTAYO will contact you to collect your ticket. Or else, please call OTAYO on 466 9999 to collect your ticket along with your ID.
  • Please print the e-ticket with seat number on an A4 Page for access at J&J Auditorium.
  • In case of any claim, please show your Orange Money Receipt.
  • Tickets once sold are non-refundable.

You are not an Orange Money subscriber?

Learn more on Orange Money for details on how to pay your utility bills, tax and other purchases with your mobile.


  • Ensure that you have your Orange Money PIN before buying e-tickets
  • There is a limit of Rs10k per day for each Orange Money customer