What is Orange Travel?

Orange Travel is a free mobile app that will let you control your roaming costs. It will keep track of your calls, SMS and data usage when you are abroad. It will let you know how much you have consumed already, so no more bill shock!! You can also get rates for voice/SMS and data.

I can check roaming tariffs for SMS/voice/data

  • App automatically detects country where I am
  • I select the 2 countries between which I want to know the roaming fees e.g I am in England and want to call Spain
  • App displays standard roaming rates for outgoing & incoming calls minutes, SMS, MMS & data
  • Tariffs are updated only when you are in a Wi-Fi zone to avoid running additional roaming costs

I can set alerts for my SMS/voice/data usage and will get push notifications if ever I am exceeding those set limits

At any time, I can verify my total SMS/voice/data usage

I can at any point verify my usage for past trips as well

Orange Travel app is totally free and available on Google Play (Android) and Blackberry World (Blackberry) for download.