Top-up your mobile

Several ways to top-up my mobile

Online top-up lets you recharge your Orange Prepay mobile with credit or data from ANYWHERE around the world and ANYTIME on

You can recharge credit on any Orange Prepay with:

  • Scratch card
  • Credit-card
  • Orange Money

You can recharge data on any Orange Prepay with:

  • Credit on your Orange Prepay
  • Credit-card
  • Orange Money

Register to online-top

You can recharge your account by popping into any retailer on our E-voucher network (look for the E-voucher sign), ask for an E-voucher top-up and follow the steps below :

  • The retailer will take your payment and do the transaction
  • You will get an SMS notification on your phone to confirm the transaction

Validity of recharge

Recharge / Rs (VAT incl.)
Validity days
0 - 20
21 - 31
32 - 50
51 - 101
102 - 301
302 and above

If you have any more questions check out the FAQs

Buy Prepay Scratch Cards for recharging your account from our 20 Telecom shops and more than 5000 retailers across the island. Scratch cards are available in Rs50, Rs100 or Rs300 denominations (VAT included).

After you've bought your Scratch Card, you can recharge your account by following the instructions below:


  • Scratch off the security panel on your Orange Scratch Card to reveal the 14 digit number
  • Call 124
  • Choose Option 1 by pressing 1 to refill your account
  • Enter the 14 digits code of the Scratch Card
  • The voice prompt will tell you your new credit level
  • You will receive an SMS indicating your new credit level and validity of your account.


  • Dial *124* + 14 digits code of the Scratch Card followed by #
  • A flash SMS is displayed on the mobile phone with the new balance and validity of the account
  • You will receive an SMS indicating your new credit level and validity of your account

Recharge with selected banks (SBM, MCB, MPCB, Bank One)

  • Insert your debit or credit card in the slot of the machine
  • Input the PIN number of your debit or credit card
  • Choose your account
  • Choose transaction (Recharge)
  • Select the denomination
  • Input your mobile number
  • Confirm your mobile number

Recharge by SMS

Send an SMS topup to 8726 for SBM and refill to 8700 for MCB. You'll need to have your account with SBM or MCB and register for this service at your bank first.

Example of an SBM customer:
Send SMS “ topup ” on 8726 if the amount of recharge has already been decided at the time of application e.g Rs 100

Or to recharge with a different denomination
Send SMS “ topup xxx ” on 8726, where xxx is the denomination of the credit (Rs 50, Rs 100 and Rs 300)

Or to recharge another mobile phone
Send SMS “ topup xxx ABCDEFG ” on 8726, where xxx is the denomination of the credit (Rs 50, Rs 100 and Rs 300) and ABCDEFG is the mobile number. SMS sent to banks to topup your phone are free.

Want to help a friend in need by transferring some of your credit to his mobile? Well, you can now with E-Transfer if you have a Prepay account. Just follow the few simple steps below. Make sure you do have credit available on your mobile before starting a transfer.You can transfer between Rs 20 and Rs 1,000 per month.

For example, if my number is 5760 XXXX and I want to transfer Rs 50 to my friend whose mobile no. is 5750 XXXX

  • I send an SMS on 8500 to initiate the transfer in the form of T ‹ space › ‹ the number you wish to give credit to› ‹space› ‹Amount to be credited› ‹space› 0000 which in my case is:

    T ‹ space › 5750 XXXX ‹ space › 50 ‹space› 0000

  • The system will check if I have enough credit and my eligibility
  • If sufficient credit is available, the transaction is done
  • My friend's account is credited with Rs 50 and my account is debited with Rs 50
  • We both receive an SMS notification that will confirm that all went well

SMS will cost you 60c/SMS