Antillean vibes join the Flic en Flac Carnival on the 1st of July

  • Posted 27 Jun 2012
Antillean vibes join the Flic en Flac Carnival on the 1st of July

The list of artists present at the carnival in Flic en Flac is getting more and more vibrant with the participation of the Antillean group, "Chayé yo."

"Chayé yo" is a Creole term which means "to take along", which is precisely what this musical group does. All its musicians have an instrument which they use to embark their audience on a friendly ride over varied beats and rhythms, while remaining true to both folk tradition and to the style of urban carnivals.

The Antillean group began with 20 members and it is through hard work and perseverance that it now consists of 40 musicians and 12 dancers who perform throughout Ile-de-France, France and Europe to promote the musical culture of the Antillean carnival.

The union of various percussion instruments like the “ti-bwa”, the “chacha”, the bell, the “tom”, and the “tom bass”, amongst others, together make the strength of this group which relishes in providing its audience with live entertainment.

Its wide range of musical themes allows “Chayé yo” to perform at various parades and shows. The public appearances of this group include performances at the “Carnaval de Bordeaux” from 2008 to 2012, at “la Foire de Paris” from 2009 to 2012, and at “ La Nuit Créole : 30 ans de Kassav” at the Stade de France.

The organisation of the Flic en Flac Carnival will be made by the MTPA in close collaboration with Remy Vachet Productions and VIP even Organiser.